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Applying masking tape

Applying Silicon to the Shower Recess

Silicon will provide a flexible joint between walls and between the joint of the wall and floor.

Firstly use masking tape to cover the area that you don't want the silicon to stick to. Use your fingers to press the tape firmly to the tile to prevent the silicon from getting underneath.

Once you have applied the masking tape, you can apply a small beading of silicon into the corner. Don't apply too much or your cleanup will be harder.

Applying silicon to shower
Smoothing silicon into corner

Dip your finger into liquid soap to get a smooth finish on the silicon.

Work your way down the joint slowly in one continuous movement. If you have a build up of too much silicon you can wipe your finger and continue from the same spot.

As soon as you have finished smoothing the silicon, begin to remove the tape.

Start from the top and pull the tape gently away from the tile. You may have to ball up the tape so it doesn't come in contact with the tiles or silicon and create messy marks.

Removing masking tape
Removing masking tape2

If you removed the tape correctly the silicon will have a nice smooth edge that will look great.

If you mess up the silicon you can let it dry, remove it and start again.

If it all looks good it should only take overnight to dry.

Start using your shower again but keep an eye out for any signs of further leaking.

Hope you enjoyed repairing your shower the easy way

Finished silicon

Easy DIY Bathroom Renovation

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